[WINDOWS XP SP2] Page cannot be displayed (occur: December-14-2014) **FIXED**

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[WINDOWS XP SP2] Page cannot be displayed (occur: December-14-2014) **FIXED**

Post by SE7EN on Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:21 am

This solution is discovered and developed by me, i know you already saw this solution on social media sites like facebook. and someone is claiming that it is his/her work. well now you know that it is originated from me.

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Conclusion: Windows XP SP2 is a earlier Version or Package OF Windows XP SP3.. At ang last and Complete Version nang XP is SP3. Meaning Kulang sa Patch ung SP2. Missing Patch on SP2 Network Related Patch, Same as Windows 7 Home Basic May Network Related Error, Pero na Fix na sa Windows Ultimate ung error na yun.


Step 1: Make sure that your OS is Windows XP Service Pack 2, to know how please continue reading.

How to know the windows version and service pack:
step 1.1: Open the run dialog, Hold down the Window Button on your keyboard. while holding down the window button press the "R" button.. see the image below.
Click to view the image for step 1.1:

step 1.2: On run dialog type "winver" without the quotes, see the image below for more understanding..
Click to view the image for step 1.2:

press enter and you will see your windows version and service package.. it should be like this:

Step 2: After confirming that your OS Service Pack is SP2 lets now proceed to the next step, Download Windows XP SP3 Update. This Updates contains network related problem patch/fix. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Step 3: Install the patch, just double click it. wait for the installation to finish. For laptop users please make sure that your laptop is plugged-in with your charger and running on it's full power while doing this to avoid interrupting the Update Process.

Step 4: after installation please restart your conputer.. after restart you can now login to the launcher! happy gaming.!

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