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Forum Rules / Policy & Guidelines

Post by SE7EN on Tue Apr 28, 2015 7:26 pm

Hi! Welcome to our forum, we would like to inform you that we follow rules and policy around here.
have time to read our very short rules and policy.  Very Happy


  • Never create a Topic/Thread that is offensive, with pornographic contents, or cheats.
  • Never create a Topic/Thread about your personal Business. Specially Networkers.
  • Never spam/flood a Topic/Thread
  • Never post Topic/Thread that is not related in the category.
  • Always respect all members and Guest specially Moderators and admins
  • Never provide Username or Password to anyone, even to our Moderator and Admins. we are not liable if you got scam or hack by our members.
  • Don't Use over-sized banners ( banner size limit are- width: 600pixels height: 60 to 100 pixels)
  • Avoid Using Red or Yellow Color fonts, it is hard to read.
  • Avoid multi-quote and Thread post quoting.
  • All software, images, Ideas from our forum must stay here as it is. you can provide a link for your friends to our forum, but never copy paste our works to other websites, social media or blogs. we don't give copyrights and attributions. we are doing this for free so just redirect your friends here.


  • Vulgarity, Profanity, Harassment - Permanent banned from the forum
  • Hacking, swindling, scamming - Permanent banned from the forum
  • Others - 1st Offense: Private message warning | 2nd offense: 3days banned account | 3rd offense: IP permanent banned

For all of our guest / Visitors / Non-Registered Members - we would like to inform you that you must be registered as member of this forum to click all links provided in our tutorial.. you can read the link but you won't be able to click/use it unless you are a Registered Member of this Forum. Registration is Free.

**this list may changed with or without any prior notice so please always check this thread at least twice a month.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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